Price IDR 500,000
Size :
Quantity :

Unity Section:

Frequency Range:        

136.00-174.00 MHz

400.00- 470.00MHz

Storage Channel


Step Frequency


Rated voltage    

DC 3.7V

Battery Capacity

H-1500 mAh

Battery Life

About 10 Hours

Frequency Stability


Work Temperature  

-20 ℃ to +60℃

Frequency Combination   

PLL frequency synthesis

Antenna Impedance

50 Ω

Wok Mode     

Same Frequency  simplex Operation or Different Frequency  simplex Operation


99x55x 29 mm (Excluded Antenna)   


About 130 g


Output Power 

2 W

Modulation Mode(W/N Band)   

FM (F3E)

Maximum Frequency Deviation (W/N Band)

<5KHz(W), <2.5KHz(N)

Spurious Power

≤7.5 µW

Adjacent channel power

65dB (W) ,55dB (N)

Spurious Radiation

<-60 dB

Audio Distortion

<5 %


45dB(W), 40dB(N)

CTSCC/DCS Frequency Deviation(W/N Band)

0.7±0.1KHz (W), 0.4±0.1KHz (N)

Modulation Sensitivity 


Transmitting Current




<0.20 µ V (12dB  SINAD)

Audio Power

1 W

Inter modulation Interference Resistance

≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)

Adjacent channel Sensitivity (W/N Band)

≥65dB (W), ≥55dB (N)

Audio Distortion

5 %

Receiving Current

≤ 400m A


 ■ Specifications are subject to change for technology improvement without notice

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