Firstcom FC-016 VHF

Frequency Range : 134-176MHz

Price IDR 850,000

Maaf, stock habis

Main Functions

  • Frequency range : 134-176MHz/400-470MHz
  • 1750Hz tone
  • 128 memory channels
  • Scrambler
  • VOX function
  • FM radio , can store up to 25 radio stations
  • Transmission end prompt
  • PC programmable
  • COMP function
  • Multi-functional keypad lock
  • Wide/narrow bandwidth protection
  • Channnel name setting
Main Radio Parameter
Frequency 134-176MHz
Channel No 128
Channnel spacing 5,6,25,10,12.5,25,37.5,50,100 KHz optional
Antenna impedance 50Ω (high gain antenna)
Mode of operation simplex or semi-duplex
Operating voltage 7.5V DC
Working teperature -20℃~+60℃
Dimension 98*53*30 mm
Weight 220g

Output power 1W/2W/5W
Current ≦1.6A
Maximum deviation <5KHz / <2.5KHz
intermediation sensitivity 8-12mV
intermediation distortion ≦5%
Spurious radiation ≦7.5μW
Adjacent channel power ≧66dB(wideband)
Modulation mode 16φF3E(wideband)
Pre-emphasis characteristics 6dB

RF sensitivity 0.18μV(N)
Audio distortion ≦5%
Audio power ≧40MW
Intermediation ≧60dB(wideband)
Selectivity ≧65dB(wideband)
Spurious rejection ≧55dB
Blocking ≧85dB